Exactly What I Needed to Teach Online!

I’m a music teacher that is starting to teach online courses. I hope that I will eventually be able to do this full-time.

utobo was exactly what I was looking for! 

I tried using the utobo lifetime deal and was hooked! The set-up was really simple.

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utobo Review

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up my email lists, my classes, and my calendar.

I was even able to use different Zoom links so I didn’t have students logging on when I was teaching other classes (they tend to do that).

I was surprised that I could even add other teachers. This is great because I teach voice lessons and I have a friend who teaches piano who is thinking of doing this with me. 

The email tool was very useful. I can easily group students from each class together. They also have it set up where I can also choose to not send emails to students who haven’t paid. This is something that would have taken so much work for me to keep track of and I don’t have to worry about it! 

I was happy that I could plug in things that I had already done on other platforms.

I had already made a bunch of YouTube videos and I was able to use them in my classes on Utobo. When I set up my courses, I had the choice of adding a video, a pdf, an audio file, or a powerpoint file to the modules in my classes.

This was just really easy to put together. I know a bit about computers, but I’m not really tech-savvy. I was able to set up my classes without a problem.

The set-up had me do everything step-by-step, so I had no issues learning how to do everything.

utobo lifetime deal

There are so many good things about this service, but a few things I didn’t like. Here’s a list of my pros and cons:


  • User-friendly
  • The setup was step-by-step
  • Can use different Zoom accounts
  • Can add different teachers
  • Keeps track of who has paid for my courses
  • Money is transferred to my account without added fees
  • Email tool is amazing
  • I can create my own courses online or do video ones
  • I can sell my course either as the whole course or I can sell it by the module
  • There’s a choice between offering free or paid classes
  • There’s a neat calendar feature


  • It takes a while to set up
  • No community feature
  • A small fee when ‘email campaigns’ are sent

The best part is that once I set up the online courses, people can just take them. Of course, there’s stuff I’ll need to do, but it’s a whole lot less work than teaching in an actual classroom.

It’s great that I could teach a whole lot more students at a time! This is just so useful and is worth the price! I’m definitely recommending it to anyone wanting to teach courses online!

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