PLR products have become a buzzword for entrepreneurs looking to earn money using the internet.

According to sellers of PLR products, they are an easy and guaranteed way to put extra money in your pocket.

Is it possible to really make money with PLR Products? That is exactly what we will discuss here.

Can you earn enough money to make this kind of venture worth your time and effort? Will it be difficult? How can you earn money in this way?

I will tell you how successful you can be when selling PLR products. I will also describe the top 15 ways that you can do so.

Remember that your personal level of success will depend on you – how much time and effort you apply.

Fortunately, you won’t have to work yourself silly before making profits.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

15 Ways to Make Money with PLR Products

There are so many ways to make money with PLR products. I have tested different ways over the years and found 15 great ways that really work in 2021.

1. Sell The PLR Content

One of the most obvious and easy ways to make money from PLR products is to sell them. Of course, you’ll be selling the content at an increased price.

Getting clients can be done in many ways. You can create a webpage dedicated to the sale of your products.

This is a great way to start earning money if you’re new to the PLR industry. You’ll get used to how it works as well as receive profit.

Just make sure that you bought resell rights, so you don’t get into hot water with the original seller.

If you’re good at writing, you can edit the PLR content and then sell it under a new name and description.

2. Training School

This is an option that will take a while to show results but it is well worth the effort. You will have to dedicate a lot of time to your training school as well.

Use the PLR content that you’ve purchased to start training others with the knowledge at your disposal. If you’ve bought internet marketing PLR products, train people in marketing.

If you have fashion PLR content, training people in fashion is a way to go, etc.

This can be a long-term way to generate profit from PLR content.

3. Blog Posts

You can earn money by using the best PLR products you purchased as blog posts. You may have to make some edits to have it fit into your blog, though.

Add your own introduction and conclusion and some unique sentence to give the content a taste of ‘you’.

4. Podcasts

With the right PLR software, you can easily convert a video file to an audio file. This opens the door to sharing PLR content as a podcast.

You can submit your podcast on sites such as iTunes and start generating traffic that will result in money.

Podcasts are becoming ever more popular and are certainly a direction you should consider to make money with PLR products. Here you will find more information about different great ways of making money from podcasts with PLR products.

5. Rebrand

When you have the right to change graphics and content, you can rebrand the PLR content you own. By making just a few changes, you could end up with a new product.

Once edited and modified, you can sell the ‘new’ content under your name.

6. Conversion

It is quite possible to convert the PLR content you have into a different format and then sell that to customers.

For example, you can convert a PDF file and make it an eBook that you can sell afresh. Give it a new name and change the order of the chapters around a bit and it will look and feel very different.

7. Add Something Special

Getting traffic to your website is not becoming easier. In fact, with affiliate marketing and so many other sites on the internet, it’s becoming more difficult.

If you can offer people a good incentive to visit your site – and come back again – you can stand out among the competition.

Giving your visitors some of the best PLR products is a good way to do this.

8. Create a Membership Site

You can use the PLR content you’ve purchased as the inspiration for a membership site. With the content already in your possession, you can continuously add fresh content to your site.

Asking people a small fee will help you earn money from the PLR content.

9. Sell To Marketers

This isn’t an option that many people think of but you can sell your PLR products to other marketers.

If you have made enough changes and created your own sales page, you will have products to sell to others.

10. Create a Package

Another great way to earn money from PLR products is by combining different products into one awesome package.

You may have to shop around a bit before you find everything you need. Many PLR sellers have a wide variety of content on offer.

You can focus on one specific niche and sell to that industry exclusively.

11. Partnership

If you’re not sure how to tackle selling PLR products just yet, you can always partner up with someone else.

By combining your resources and knowledge with another person’s, you can create a fantastic business plan that will benefit everyone involved.

This way, you may be able to target a wider audience to sell to, bringing in more money.

You could even consider partnering with someone who already has a successful blog and big following.

12. Software Sales

Many PLR packages come with software included. This software is often unbranded or lets you change it.

If you have the relevant rights, you can sell this software under a new name and at a good profit margin.

13. Freebies

Another way to make money from your content is to give away your resell rights. If you have the Master Resell Rights to some PLR products, you can give them away in return for something that will benefit you.

It could be something as simple as joining your email list or following your blog. As long as you can generate leads to your website, you’ll be able to make money in the end.

14. eCommerce

You can use PLR products to help generate leads for your online business. eCommerce can be difficult to do right, but if you can attract customers, your battle is half-won.

People can get interested in your products or services when they’ve been attracted by your PLR products.

Ensure that the PLR content you’re using to ‘lure’ people in is high quality – it must reflect your brand or company after all.

15. Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach out to prospective clients and customers. You can use your PLR content to gain social media engagement which leads to brand awareness.

Comment on matters relevant to your industry by sharing with social media users that you have content that might interest them.

Final Thoughts

All the ideas mentioned here are meant to be a guideline – you should use your PLR products however you see fit.

The various ways that you can make money from PLR products depend on many factors that are unique to your situation.

With that said, you should have a better chance of being successful now that you know how to make money with PLR content.


Here are some commonly asked questions that are asked regarding how to make some money online using PLR products. You might find answers to your questions here.

What Are PLR Selling Rights?

You can choose between differently labeled PLR products such as Master Resell Rights PLR Products and Private Label Rights Products. They all have unique meanings, as we’ll briefly explain here:

Private Label Rights Products (PLR)

The most popular type of PLR product – this lets you modify, resell and use the content as you wish.

Master Resell Rights Products (MRR)

PLR Master Resell Rights Products lets buyers resell and use the content. They can also resell the rights to their own buyers. You may not modify the products in this case. Often, putting your own name on it is also not allowed.

Basic Resell Rights (RR)

With this type of PLR Products, you can only resell and use them. You can’t sell the selling rights or edit anything.

Personal Use Only (PUO)

As the name suggests, you can only use this kind of content for yourself. You can’t sell it or resell the selling rights.

Giveaway Rights (GR)

These rights allow you to give the content away as you see fit. This kind of selling right usually comes with Master Resell Rights.

Where to Buy PLR Products?

You can buy great quality products from the best PLR websites such as IDPLR, and Resell Rights Weekly.

Are PLR Articles a Good Idea?

If you have a good plan on how to make money such as buying PLR articles for blogs or online websites, you can make a lot of money. Avoid buying cheap PLR articles as they could require a lot of editing before being useful.