Whether you want to earn a passive income or build your authority in a particular industry, PLR packages are a good idea. This PLR Assassin review will dive into what exactly you can expect when you’ve joined them.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which means you obtain the rights to sell a package. It could be books, videos, software, or reports, and you are allowed to put your name on it.

Many people have successfully resold PLR products as if it was their own creations and it is a lucrative business idea.

However, there is a lot of rubbish for sale, and you will have to look carefully before purchasing a package. Not all PLR packages are made equally, but I can tell you that there are many excellent options.

PLR Assassin is one of the better offerings on the market, and we’ll be looking at what sets it apart from the nonsense.

Many people in the PLR business have bought a membership with them and never regretted it. You may just become their newest member.

From PLR eBooks to other high-quality PLR contents such as excellent video PLR products, there are many reasons why PLR Assassin is one of the best PLR sites 2021 has to give.

What is PLR Assassin? – The Overview

No PLR Assassin review would be complete without a brief look at the company and its origins. PLR Assassin was founded in 2010 and has become a popular choice for quality PLR products.

It is not precisely clear who owns the business, but it has received a lot of praise regardless.

This PLR website offers some of the best PLR software, PLR video content, and other professional PLR products.

The company strives to add new PLR products every month, and they always ensure that the quality is excellent. That’s how they became one of the best PLR sources on the web.

There are many different content categories to choose from, and the search feature is easy to use. If you want to find something in your particular niche, you won’t struggle to find it.

PLR Assassin lets members cancel their subscription any time, no questions asked. Other similar PLR sites often make it difficult to move away from them, but this one is more user-friendly.

The site also offers free PLR downloads such as professional advertisement software and free PLR eBooks. There are hundreds of products that you don’t have to pay for on the site.

The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, and support tickets are answered the same day. In most cases, you will get a response within just a few hours.

This excellent customer service is available to all, not only those who have paid memberships.

There is also a community that you become part of when you get your membership. Here, members can stay in touch with the site owners as well as other members. They can also request any content that they could not find in the PLR Assassin library.

What Will You Get Inside? – PLR Assassin Review

When you’ve joined and head to the site’s PLR store, you’ll find a vast selection of content to choose from.

Currently, PLR Assassin offers six different kinds of products – eBooks, software, audio, graphics, videos, and articles. All of these are available under all the licenses you can think of. You can get the content under PLR, Master Resale Rights, Resale Rights, and Personal Rights.

Here’s a quick look at what these types of products are:


These are written books that are made available in digital form. Typically, they contain text and some images, and you can read them on computers and other devices. 

These eBooks’ topics are limitless – you can find books about diets, digital marketing, finances, entertainment, and more.


You can buy PLR software from PLR Assassin that varies in what they let you do. For example, one product enables you to create a flashing tab that will catch your website visitors’ attention when they leave your site.


The audio products you can get from PLR Assassin are also very varied. There is acoustic rock music, impact audio tracks, and meditation audio, to name just a few.


The graphics products section on the PLR Assassin site is a bit confusing at first. It does not look like there are any actual graphics. Instead, there are many products that will help you create your own unique and exciting graphics.


You will find many video upgrades of other products that are on offer on the site. If you’re the type of person who likes to give away video content, you’ll love this option.


There are many articles you can obtain from PLR Assassin that you can use on your site. Topics range from weight loss to personal finance and even global warming.

What Are The Different PLR Rights ?

If you are a bit confused about the different rights, I’ll quickly explain what they are all about.

Private Label Rights

When you’ve bought these products, you may edit them as you desire. You can also add your name as the author or contributor. Note that there are specific rules to follow when you do this. I suggest that you do some research before you just dive into adding your name to these products.

Master Resale Rights

Products with this kind of right allow you to sell them and pass on the rights to your customers. You can sell the rights with the product or separately. You may not edit or change the content or add yourself as the author.

Resale Rights

These rights let you sell the products to your customers. You may not give them any rights or edit and change any of the content. You also can’t add yourself as the author or creator of the products.

Personal Rights

You can only read content that you’ve purchased with ‘Personal Rights’, also known as ‘Personal Use Rights’. You may not sell or change anything about the product. This right usually applies to educational content.

As you can see, Private Label Rights is the best option, and you can find it on PLR Assassin.

It does not look like there are any official PLR course products available as of yet. However, you can quickly build your own courses if you buy the right content. The software options do include crash courses, though they may not be as complicated as a full course.

As already mentioned, there are many free, high-quality PLR products that you can choose from as well. 

For now, PLR Assassin does not seem to offer their members any PLR eBooks with giveaway rights. This means you may not give away any of the products you buy to your clients or customers.

Who Should Go for PLRAssassin?

Thanks to the enormous selection of products that PLR Assassin offers, just about anyone will benefit from their membership.

Whether you’re in the marketing business or have a site dedicated to self-help and spiritual healing, you will be able to find what you need here.

However, based on the latest products added to the site’s library, it looks like a lot of focus is placed on digital marketing. So, if you’re in that industry, you’re sure to find many products to buy and use or sell.

Those who are in the affiliate marketing business will also find the most benefit from PLR Assassin.

Pros and Cons

As with anything that you could invest your money in, there are benefits and drawbacks to PLR Assassin.


  • Lifetime free area when you sign up
  • Huge range of free products
  • Products added every month
  • PLR Assassin community
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Various selling rights
  • No question asked subscription cancel


  • Not much is known of the owner of PLR Assassin
  • Some low-quality products like all other PLR sites
  • Need to download the product to preview

How To Make Money Online With PLR Assassin

Earning an income from the products that you can get from PLR Assassin is easy and uncomplicated. You can choose from the many eBooks, rebrand them, and sell them to your clients or customers. The eBooks’ quality is impressive, so you won’t be ashamed to be associated with them.

When you have a website, you can earn a passive income, but you need to attract visitors to do that. PLR Assassin offers excellent content that will help you get those visitors.

The video content is very much focused on popular niches, so you can use it to add color and interest to your website(s).

You can use the music to make your website stand out or add the audio to your presentations and other content.

The articles are also great to add more depth to your site. They’re compelling and attractive and some of the best PLR articles you can find on PLR membership sites. There are articles related to many different niches and industries.

Here I have discussed about some realistic ways to make money with PLR products in 2021. This article might help you to grow your business to the next level.

Final Words

This concludes my PLR Assassin review. As you can tell by now, it is one of the top PLR websites on the web. If you are wondering where to buy PLR products worth your time and money, this is the place to go.