With that said, having the right appearance is essential to standing out. In this article, we’ll look at the top 20 cute Tumblr themes that will help your content catch more eyes and grab attention.

When choosing a theme for your Tumblr account, you need to pick based on what you need. You have to be sure that the theme will complement your account and the kind of content you share.

The cute Tumblr themes on our list are all chosen because they offer great value and will enhance your Tumblr account’s appearance. We’ll discuss the features that make the themes special and why you should consider them. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed choice.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a blogging site that is a mix between traditional blogging and Twitter. Tumblr posts don’t have length restrictions but users like short updates more than long and windy ones.

Tumblr stands out as unique because it allows posts to be divided based on type – Audio, Video, Text, Quote, Photo, Link and Chat.

What Features Should a Good Tumblr Theme Have?

When it comes to choosing cute Tumblr themes, there are some features that you have to look out for. Although your personal taste and preferences will influence your choice in theme, you have to be sure that it will be worth your time and money.

There are many free themes but it is recommended that you invest in a paid theme for the best results.

Basically, there are five basic things to keep an eye out for.

Layout and Clear Menu

The layout of your cute Tumblr themes determines how well it looks and how it will be interacted with. The menu must be easily accessed as well.

Sidebar That Supports Widgets

You must have a sidebar – the area where categories, menus and other links are placed.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your blog. This is advisable for professional accounts.

Post Type Support

You must be sure that your theme supports all post types so you’re not limited in what you can do.

Customizable Backgrounds

To give your Tumblr a unique personality, you need to be able to customize the backgrounds.

Why Should People Use Tumblr Themes?

It’s not easy to create a unique Tumblr – there are so many blogs already. Using themes will make your blog special and attractive. Users will enjoy your blog more because it looks and feels different.

Here Are The Top 20 Cute Tumblr Themes You Might Love

1. Frank

This is a very responsive and minimal one-column theme that comes with toggle to switch between a single column layout and a grid.

Frank is great for photographers who want to show off with their portfolio and display their photo-taking skills. Designers will also appreciate this theme because it is customizable to display images and projects in creative ways.


  • Adjustable layout
  • Responsive design
  • Social feeds and icons
  • Google analytics
  • Integrates Disqus
  • Slide-out sidebar
  • Very customizable

Theme Support Responsiveness

Frank offers great responsiveness and is easy to use and make the most of. It will give you the freedom to be creative and original.

2. Objective

Objective Photo Grid Cute Tumblr Theme

If you’re looking for a minimalist Tumblr theme, this might be just what you need. You can easily customize the theme and it supports widgets for Twitter and Instagram as well.

It is one of the best tumblr themes for pictures and is ideal for illustrators and designers. The grid design makes it great for showcasing portfolios and images.


  • Supports Twitter, Instagram and Dribble
  • Clean and neat layout
  • Grid portfolio
  • Offers product highlights
  • Supports all format types
  • Minimalist with large previews

Theme Support Responsiveness

The responsive design of the Objective theme is admirable and won’t disappoint users.

3. Makna

Makna Minimalist and Delightful Portfolio Tumblr Theme

As one of the best Tumblr theme designers like to use, Makna has many features to appreciate. It is well-suited to the creative Tumblr users out there and supports Google Analytics.

With a professional portfolio feel, it is preferred by artists, designers and agencies who want a clean and crisp blog.


  • Cross-browser support
  • Supports Disqus comments
  • Offers Google Analytics
  • Minimalist grid theme
  • Infinite scroll ability
  • Widget for Dribble and Instagram
  • Social media links

Theme Support Responsiveness

Makna is focused on providing mobile-first responsiveness. As such, it’s ideal for users who want to make their content for mobile users.

4. Grid

Grid Responsive Portfolio Tumblr Theme

Grid is often described as one of the best Tumblr grid themes with a layout ideal for showing posts and images together. It offers excellent features that make it easy to use and appealing for blog hosts as well as viewers. 

The slide-out menu is one of Grid’s most popular features and this is also one of the best Tumblr themes for personal blogs. Bloggers are most likely to enjoy this theme.


  • Supports all post types
  • Integrates Google fonts and analytics
  • Slide-out menu
  • More than 90 customize options
  • Infinite scroll ability
  • Widget for Instagram, Flickr and Dribble
  • Buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Cross-browser support

Theme Support Responsiveness

Grid offers mobile-first responsiveness and is best-suited to blogs with followers who use their mobile devices more often.

5. Bougenville

Bougenville Beautiful and Casual Tumblr Theme

Anyone looking for the best fashion Tumblr themes will find that Bougenville offers many great features.

It has more than 80 customization options and is easy to use as well. For fashion bloggers, Bougenville won’t disappoint.


  • Great customization
  • Attractive static banner caption
  • All post types supported
  • Share button for social media
  • Disqus integration

Theme Support Responsiveness

Bougenville’s responsive abilities are basic and should meet the requirements of all bloggers.

6. Prospekt

Prospekt Responsive Sidebar Tumblr Theme

This is a responsive sidebar theme that is able to support all post types and offer great customization options.

It is one of the more clean and elegantly cute Tumblr themes that offer freedom and creativity. With that said, it is popular as one of the best Tumblr themes for personal blogs and great for bloggers.


  • Custom background and logo
  • Integrates Disqus and social media feeds
  • Google analytics integration
  • All color elements can be adjusted
  • More than 50 customize options
  • Sidebar position can be changed

Theme Support Responsiveness

Prospekt has great responsiveness and is one of the most simple but nice Tumblr themes you’ll find.

7. Encore

Encore classy magazine style tumblr theme

Encore is a classy theme that is best-suited to magazine blogs. It was built to be one of the best Tumblr themes for writers and ticks all the right boxes for literature and creativity.

This Tumblr theme’s aesthetic makes it popular with writers, artists and photo bloggers alike.


  • Google analytics
  • Integrates social media feeds
  • Sidebar portrait
  • Supports all post types
  • Offers infinite scrolling
  • Backgrounds can be changed

Theme Support Responsiveness

You get a very responsive layout from Encore and it is easy to use as well. Overall, truly one of the most impressive Tumblr themes for writing blogs.

8. Applause

Applause clean and minimal tumblr theme

This is a theme that is very much focused on content. It allows a slideshow cover and offers customizable color usage.

Because this is one of the Tumblr themes easy to customize, it can be used by almost any blogger. Applause is good for food bloggers, fashion bloggers, writers, artists, designers and more.


  • Supports all post types
  • Optional infinite scrolling
  • More than 40 customize options
  • Adjustable fonts
  • Google analytics integration
  • Offers social icons

Theme Support Responsiveness

Applause is very responsive and lets you see a live preview on your tablet or mobile device.

9. Scope

If you are looking for good Tumblr themes for photography, Scope may offer all the features you’ll ever need. It is a responsive theme that allows you to show off your images with style.

Photographers and designers will find this to be a great theme that can suit all their creative needs.


  • Retina-ready
  • Colors can be changed
  • Fullscreen header image
  • Supports all Tumblr post types
  • Multiple social networks supported
  • Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and Dribble feeds
  • Disqus integrated

Theme Support Responsiveness

Scope offers great responsiveness and is one of the better themes with its levels of response.

10. Brick

Brick Responsive Grid Tumblr Theme

Many find Brick to be one of the very best minimal Tumblr themes that have a grid appearance. It offers adjustable post widths and supports all post types for a no-limit creative approach to blogging.


  • Supports all post types
  • Neat grid look
  • Adjustable post width
  • Google analytics
  • Most major social networks supported
  • Offers optional infinite scrolling
  • Backgrounds and logos can be uploaded

Theme Support Responsiveness

Bloggers will appreciate how responsive this theme and so will their followers. The Brick theme was created to give as much responsiveness as possible.

11. UMO Folio

UMO Folio One Page Cute Portfolio Theme For Tumblr

This is an easy-to-use theme that offers great design quality and flexible use that most bloggers will appreciate.

UMO Folio is mostly used by photographers, designers, illustrators and visual artists. It is a great multi-section theme that makes it easy to show off portfolios and visual projects.


  • Flexible portfolio grid
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality design
  • Social links
  • Client logo widget
  • ‘Ask me anything’ box
  • Testimonials can easily be shared

Theme Support Responsiveness

UMO Folio is described as a one-page responsive portfolio theme and it offers good responsiveness.

12. Shelver

Shelver Responsive Blog Cute Tumblr Theme

There are many Tumblr themes for writing blogs and Shelver is one of the more responsive and easy-to-use options. It supports all Tumblr post types with ease.

All bloggers will enjoy creating posts and content when using this theme.


  • Custom author profile
  • Supports all post types
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Google fonts integration
  • Integrates Disqus comments
  • Offers featured post slider

Theme Support Responsiveness

Shelver offers great responsiveness and might be the last theme you need. It also comes with documents to help users make the most of the theme’s features and abilities.

13. Bloq

Bloq stylish portfolio theme for Tumblr

This is a blocky theme that makes it easy to share visuals and do several creative customizations.

Thanks to the creativity of cute Tumblr themes creators, there are many options to choose from for artists. Bloq stands out as one of the good Tumblr themes for art blogs that are feature-rich.


  • Dynamic portfolio sharing
  • Preset dark and light skins
  • Supports all the major social media platforms
  • Google analytics integration
  • Optimized image slider
  • Supports most Tumblr post types
  • Disqus comments integration
  • Offers two different layout modes
  • Custom welcome message for visitors

Theme Support Responsiveness

Bloq has a very responsive layout that looks good regardless of the devices it is viewed on. This is a popular theme because of its responsiveness.

14. Zurich

Zurich Tumblr theme for blog sites

This is another blog that is ideal for bloggers of all types. It is full of features that make it easy to use as well as responsive.

Zurich allows for resizing that makes it look good regardless of the device it is viewed on. It can be used by fashion bloggers, writers, artists and hobbyists.


  • Retina-ready
  • Colors can be changed
  • Any Google font can be used
  • Social media links
  • Disqus comments are integrated
  • Supports all post types
  • Offers related posts widget
  • Supports Apple touch

Theme Support Responsiveness

Zurich’s responsiveness is impressive and makes it a favorite theme with many Tumblr users.

15. Pluto

Pluto Lovely Tumblr theme for simple portfolio sites

When it comes to cute aesthetic Tumblr themes, not all of them are ideal for portfolios. Fortunately, Pluto is made for exactly this function and it offers a great way to showcase creative work.

As such, Pluto is one of the good Tumblr themes for art blogs and other creatively-driven blogs.


  • Offers infinite scrolling
  • More than 50 customizable options
  • All post types are supported
  • Disqus comments integration
  • Icons for all major social icons
  • Google analytics integration

Theme Support Responsiveness

Pluto is very responsive and will look great on phones, tablets or desktops. It is one of the cool simple Tumblr themes that performs well and looks good while doing it.

16. Aside

Aside Photo Portfolio Sidebar WordPress Theme

Tumblr users who want themes that are intuitive and uncomplicated might love this one above all.

Aside is a portfolio and fullscreen theme that is aimed at professionals. Artists can show off their work and interact with other users with this artistic theme.


  • More than 600 Google fonts
  • Predefined theme colors included
  • Unlimited backgrounds
  • Supports the main post types
  • Offers a WordPress plugin
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • SEO optimized
  • Full-width background video option

Theme Support Responsiveness

Aside is fully responsive, meaning it will look awesome on smaller devices while being touch-screen friendly.

17. Persona

Persona minimal ready to use Tumblr theme

Tumblr blog creators who need a minimal theme that looks good and is easy to use will probably benefit the most from Persona.

It is perfect for photographers, writers and other creative bloggers. Persona offers great customization which makes it a good choice for creativity.


  • Over 70 customize options
  • Visual elements’ colors can be changed
  • Custom logo
  • Retina-ready
  • Slide-out sidebar
  • More than 20 social icons
  • Infinite scroll option
  • Multiple social feeds
  • Google analytics integrated

Theme Support Responsiveness

Persona offers a very responsive design that allows for a good experience on any device.

18. Quantist

Quantist is a full-screen grid theme that offers an opportunity for creativity and impressive responsiveness.

Creative bloggers such as painters, designers and other artists will likely feel most at home with this Tumblr theme.


  • Theme colors can be customized
  • 5 Post-width variations
  • Full-screen slideshow option
  • Infinite scrolling ability
  • Sidebar portrait
  • More than 50 customize options
  • All post types are supported
  • Google analytics
  • Supports all major social icons and feeds

Theme Support Responsiveness

Quantist boasts with very good responsiveness, giving a good experience regardless of the devices it is viewed on.

19. Boscana

boscona minimalistic single column tumblr theme

Boscana is a minimalistic column theme that allows bloggers to choose between two creatively different header styles.

With the features focused on images, Boscana is ideal for creative users who want to show off with their work. The ability to change content width is an especially attractive feature.


  • Adjustable content width
  • Font types and sizes can be changed
  • Disqus integration
  • Google analytics are integrated
  • Social icons
  • More than 50 customize options

Theme Support Responsiveness

Boscana offers basic but reliable responsiveness that has made it a favorite theme with many.

20. Barron

Barron Content Focus Tumblr Theme

This is another content-focused theme with a variety of customizable features and comes with a parallax cover that adds attractiveness.

This is yet another theme that can be used by any kind of Tumblr user – from the fashion blogger to the writer and professional designer.


  • Parallax cover
  • Stickied top bar option
  • Font types can be changed
  • All post types are supported
  • Social icons
  • Optional infinite scrolling
  • Disqus is integrated
  • Google analytics

Theme Support Responsiveness

Like all good Tumblr themes, Barron offers good responsiveness. Blogs with this theme will look good on all devices.


Now you know how to get a good Tumblr theme by being able to identify the best features they should have. As you will see from the list we compiled, cute aesthetic Tumblr themes can be responsive and useful to bloggers in all niches.

Although it might be difficult to choose just one theme as the best, there is one that does stand out – Frank.

Frank is very customizable and allows for great creative freedom. It has a very responsive design that makes for a high-quality experience no matter the device that views it. The theme also comes with Google analytics and social media integration.

The theme that suits you best will be determined by your individual needs but Frank is a great starting point. Once you have tried this theme out, you can better compare other WordPress themes and see if they live up to the standard set by Frank.