If you’re launching a new podcast, you’re going to need a website to host it and share news about your episodes.

WordPress is ideal for this because there are hundreds of great themes that will make your podcast series stand out. As such, it has become a very popular place for podcasters to share their content.

We will be looking at the 20 best WordPress themes for podcasts and why you should consider them.

Each of these WordPress podcasting themes offers ease of use, attractive looks and more. Although the best theme for your podcasting needs will depend on your individual needs, you’re likely to find the one for you here.

First, though, we will briefly discuss what exactly podcasts are and which features you need in a good podcast theme.

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts remind one of the days when families used to gather around the radio and listen to their favorite shows or the news.

Podcast episodes consist of digital audio files that are available for download on the internet. These files can be listened to on computers or mobile devices. Usually, they are available in a series and if you like it, you can subscribe to be informed of new episodes.

Podcasts are normally focused on one topic such as famous serial killers or digital marketing. There are many apps that allow users to subscribe to their favorite podcasts and listen to them on the go.

Emerging Podcast Market

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past few years. In 2019, the United States alone had an estimated podcast listening audience of 88 million.

While there are podcasts on any topic imaginable, some are more popular than others. Funny podcasts, those that share news, discuss true crime and share business advice tend to have the most subscribers.

Important Features That The Best Podcast Themes Must Have

There are some specific features that you need to look out for to make sure that you make the most of the WordPress podcasting theme you use.


Your website is going to be viewed on different devices and needs to look good on all of them. For this to happen, you need to use themes that are responsive to all devices.

Design Quality

It is important that your theme is well-designed and professional. Your viewers and subscribers will appreciate a podcast website that is easy to use and looks good.


Some podcasting themes for WordPress are focused on specific niches. Be sure that the theme you use is suited to your topic. Also, look out for themes that might be perfect for your podcasts.

20 Best WordPress Themes For Podcasts Reviews

1. Tusant

Tusant WordPress theme for Podcast

Tusant was designed with podcasters in mind. It offers features that are ideal for sharing audio content with a modern appearance. With this theme, your media content takes the spotlight.

Tusant is a great WordPress podcasting theme for all podcasters, whether they’re experienced or new to the industry.

● Fully responsive

● Easy to make changes

● Good page speed

● Supports more than 900 Google fonts

● Multiple layout options

● Various media file types can be embedded

2. Bolden

Bolden perfect WordPress podcast template

Bolden is considered by many to be one of the best WordPress themes for podcast sites. It supports multiple shows, videos and music. It is also SEO-friendly to enhance your chances of showing up in Google search results.

This theme is ideal for beginners because it requires no previous knowledge of podcasting or coding. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy to create a custom website.

● Straightforward and easy to use

● Very responsive

● Offers Search Engine Optimisation

● Over 900 Google fonts can be used

● The Colour scheme can be customized

3. Gumbo

Gumbo one of the best wordPress themes for podcasts

Gumbo is a WordPress podcast theme that offers a modern design and layout that is generally attractive. The fullscreen audio slider gives users the ability to skip through episodes easily.

Generally, Gumbo is better suited to users who have been using themes and plugins and know how they work. It comes with support for many popular plugins such as Seriously Simple Podcasting.

● Generates RSS feeds

● The framework is relatively easy to use

● Fullscreen audio slider

● Comes with various plugins

● Very responsive

4. Dixie

Dixie latest wordpress Podcasting theme

This WordPress theme for podcast creators is elegant and has a functional fullscreen background with an episode player. It makes podcasting easier and improves the experience of your subscribers.

Dixie is easy to customize as well, so it really is great for any new podcast creators looking for something that won’t confuse them.

● Optimized page speed

● Elegant and attractive appearance

● Easy to use

● Fully responsive

● Supports hundreds of Google fonts

5. Satchmo

Satchmo Podcasting tool WordPress theme

With a call-to-action button and ‘latest episode’ widget, Satchmo is easily one of the best podcast themes WordPress sites can use.

The drag-and-drop builder ability gives even beginners access to more advanced features that will make their podcasting websites stand out. Podcasters can use builders like Elementor to customize their website completely.

● Customization is easy

● Fonts and colors can be changed

● Drag-and-drop builder ability

● Very responsive

● Call-to-action button

● Supports plugins

● Latest episode widget

6. Megaphone

Megaphone Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Making money with podcasts isn’t impossible – many podcasters are creating content for their bread and butter. To do that, they need a great website, which is something that Megaphone can help with.

Because users can also create their own audiobook with Megaphone, it stands tall with the best WordPress podcast themes. It is a great theme for personal podcasts as well as podcasts with multiple hosts.

● Offers the ability to create audiobooks

● Attractive design

● Integrates iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud etc.

● Custom fonts and colors

● Responsive

7. Audioatro

Audioatro Multipurpose Audio WordPress Podcasting Theme

There are many WordPress themes for podcasters who are focused on music content. But Audioatro is one of the best options because it allows users to monetize their content and offers many great features.

Music artists and DJs will benefit most from this podcasting theme that can be customized and changed as needed. Audioatro is available in 4 demos that can be tested before investing in it.

● Makes monetization easy

● Offers pre-built WordPress templates for podcasts

● Track audio file downloads

● Unique audio visualizer

● Colors can be customized

● 4 Demos available

● Allows social sharing

8. Podcaster

Podcaster Multimedia WordPress Theme

Podcaster offers its users unlimited episode archive pages to maintain even the longest podcast seasons. It has an audio and video player feature that makes it easy to use for podcaster creators’ fans.

With this podcast theme, WordPress users can build a customized site that will match their brand. It is best-suited to podcasters focused on broadcasting and managing their podcasts professionally.

● Unlimited podcast archives

● Video and audio player

● Easy customization

● Very responsive

● Allows plugins

9. Wpcast

Wpcast is another contender as one of the best WordPress themes for podcast creators. It has a very attractive design and allows users to navigate the site while a podcast is playing.

The theme also makes it easy to organize podcast series in a way that creates a more focused and professional feel. As such, WPcast is the best choice for podcasters who want to create a good impression.

● Easy navigation with podcast background playback

● Works well with Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts

● Allows custom creation

● Easy publishing ability

● Convenient volume control

10. Castilo

Castilo professional audio podcast theme

This theme comes with a WordPress template podcast listeners can use to contact the podcaster. It offers podcast statistics so you can keep a close eye on the performance of your content.

Castilo is great for beginners as well as professionals in that it is easy to use and navigate. It also allows submission to Google Play and iTunes to help podcasters reach a wider audience.

● Includes contact form template

● Submit to popular stream sites

● Generates RSS feeds

● Custom logo creation

● Podcast statistics

11. Soundbyte

Soundbyte Podcast Audio WordPress Theme

Soundbyte is one of the WordPress themes for podcast websites that is elegant but still easy to use. It includes sections with information about the podcaster that you can customize.

Because Soundbyte has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, it is great for beginners to get to know podcasting on a more professional level.

● Elegant and stylish appearance

● Drag-and-drop builder

● Comes with a premium plugin

● Offers eCommerce support

● Responsive design

12. Viseo

Viseo News, Video, & Podcast Theme

Viseo allows for easy use by podcaster followers. It has a ‘latest shows’ section that will guide users to the newest content from your collection. Customization is easy and quite varied.

No coding knowledge is needed to use Viseo, so it is a great start for beginners or anyone new to podcasting. It also tends to be great for news podcasters.

● Easy customization

● Convenient interface and use

● Latest shows section

● Audio and video player

13. Megabyte

Megabyte WordPress Theme for Podcast Audio

This is a podcast theme WordPress podcasters will love if they’re looking for something a little darker but still attractive. It can be customized quite easily and the drag-and-drop builder keeps things uncomplicated.

Megabyte is great for podcasters who have more ‘creepy’ or supernatural content that needs a dark theme. It has support for WooCommerce, a stylish audio player and unlimited color options as well.

● Supports WooCommerce

● Drag-and-drop builder

● Darker theme

● Good audio player

● RSS feed support

14. Castpod

Castpod Professional WordPress Theme for Audio Podcasts

Castpod allows podcasters to submit their content to Google Play and iTunes for better reach. It has a retina-ready design that adds a professional look to the overall appearance.

This theme is great for the more serious podcaster as it also has MailChimp integration. It makes it easier to send out weekly emails to loyal followers and gives the website a professional vibe.

● MailChimp integration

● Submissions to iTunes/Google Play

● Retina-ready design

● Responsive

15. Life Coach

Life Coach WordPress Theme for podcasting

Life Coach is a ThemeForest podcast theme that is of high quality and offers great support for audio embeds.

This is an ideal theme for podcasters who want to offer services and promote them online. It comes with all the necessary tools to create a good site for podcasting.

● Slideshows and carousels elements

● Audio embedding

● Highly customizable

● Logo can be uploaded

16. OnAir2

Onair2 Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player

OnAir2 is one of the more popular WordPress themes for podcasting that is actually aimed at a radio station approach. It offers a non-stop music player and schedule system. There are also radio show features.

Because it’s so focused on radio station features, this theme is perfect for podcasters who want to create that kind of content.

● Many radio show-focused features

● Supports ShoutCAST 2 and IceCast

● Aimed at experts

17. Vayvo

Vayvo Media Streaming & Membership Theme

Vayvo makes using it easy with a drag-and-drop builder as well as support for eCommerce. Sliders, popups and other features can be created with the Boosted Elements Add-on.

Podcasters can use Vayvo to restrict access to certain pages, so it’s great for professionals who want to sell subscriptions and access to extra content.

● eCommerce support

● Unique features can be created

● Easy to use

● Can restrict users’ access

● Responsive layout

18. Vlog

Vlog Video Blog & Podcast WordPress Theme

Vlog has a dynamic appearance and feel with automatic YouTube and Vimeo uploading ability.

This WordPress podcasting theme is focused on videography and ideal for podcasters in this niche. It allows the podcaster to create a complex video site with sophisticated layouts.

● Complements complicated video content

● Elegant and stylish appearance

● YouTube and Vimeo uploads

● Watch Later mode

● Very responsive

19. SKRN

SKRN Media Streaming App WordPress Theme

SKRN may not have the most appealing name but it’s a very attractive theme to podcasters that want to create unique sites.

The theme is easy to customize and comes with a detailed help file to get even beginners started on creating interesting podcasting sites. The premium add-on allows for popups, maps and more to be created easily.

● Video player included

● Content can be restricted

● Premium add-on with special features

● Responsive design

20. Podcast Master

Podcast Master Perfect theme for podcasters

This WordPress podcasting theme is made for podcasters who appreciate a minimalistic look. There are no extra frills that will distract visitors to the site.

Podcast Master is the best theme for podcasters who are serious about their work. It allows you to grow your podcast without getting too complicated.

● Social media sharing buttons

● Email programs

● Creative content customization

● Unlimited podcast episodes

● WooCommerce compatible

● Customizable podcast player

Final Words

Creating podcasts is a lot of fun and a great way to share your ideas and opinions with the world. When you’re using the right WordPress themes for podcasts, you can also build a career with the content you create. Making money from podcasts is possible when your themes are eCommerce compatible. You can also check a complete guide on the best ways of making money from podcasts and start your own podcasting business.

This guide introduced you to the 20 best WordPress themes for podcasting. It’s now up to you to create your podcasts and start sharing them on your customized site. Feel free to write in the comment section which theme you think the best one for you.